When one’s business that you have worked hard at for many years gets into financial trouble it is extremely difficult to call it a day and close the business. I entered the process of insolvency with and great trepidation and stress with and putting 20 loyal employees out of work with and the loss of my business .

However, I must thank you for making the whole process so concise and accurate answering every little detail on all the questions one has on the matter of insolvency and closing a business. You’re exacting and very prompt responses for information and the fine detail you worked too made the whole process quick to complete and fairly painlessly.

Thank you for handling the workforce in an appropriate manner with you ensuring the P45s and redundancy notices were sent to employee’s homes which gave clear information such as the contact details to help them through claiming process on redundancy.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help and prompt attention given both to us and our staff and works employees at this difficult time.

Also thank you for handling both debtors and creditors with clear and timely information throughout the insolvency process.