Business Review

Independent Business Review

A business may be underperforming or experiencing difficulties for a variety of reasons. The problems may well prove to be less serious than initially anticipated – but it is essential that the problems are identified if we are to provide you with a business review.

As turnaround specialists we undertake an independent business review which focuses on the critical issues and provides clear recommendations.

Our business review is tailored to the specific needs of the business owners, the bank or other lender/lenders and is used as a basis for a solution.

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How to Run a Profitable Company

Our Managing Director Tim Corfield has been a chartered accountant for over 30 years, and has spent most of that time advising business people and directors about how to run profitable companies. He has gained a great insight into how to review a business and how businesses and the people that run them tick. With this knowledge we can understand and help rescue your business when it hits financial difficulties.

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Conducting a Business Review

At Griffin & King we will work closely with the business directors or owners and look constructively at the business plan to come up with viable, realistic solutions to take the business forward. We are well experienced at handling all negotiations for our clients throughout the process with major creditors like the Inland Revenue, banks and major suppliers.

Our Solutions

Additional or New Lending
The Future Viability of the Business
Business Reorganisation