March 2015 eBulletin

UK Personal Debt – Some Interesting Facts…

    • 33.8million plastic card purchase transactions were made every day in December 2014 – with a total value of £1.6 billion
    • People owe £1.5 trillion. Up from £1.44 trillion over one year – an increase of £574 per adult
    • The average total debt per household (including mortgages) is £55,000 – that’s an average debt per adult of £29,083 (up £48 from previous month) which is over 114% of average earnings
    • Outstanding mortgage lending is £1.3m. There are 11.1m households with mortgage debt and the average is £117,305.
    • The average mortgage interest rate is 3.17%. Households with mortgages pay an average of £3719 interest per year
    • 244 people a day enter a formal insolvency procedure (Bankruptcy, IVA or DRO)
    • 58 properties are repossessed and there are 77 mortgage possession claims each day
    • 1765 consumer county court judgements are issued daily, with an average value of £2527
    • Net lending to individuals increased by £77m per day
    • Outstanding consumer credit is £165.9billion. This is up from 159.1billion over one year – an increase of £204 for every adult
    • The average interest rate on credit cards bearing interest is 17.91%. The average household credit card debt is £2,922. For such a credit card it would take 25 years and 3 months to repay if only the minimum payment was made
    • Citizens Advice Bureaux dealt with 6389 new debt problems every working day


    • The number of people unemployed for over one year fell by 575 per day

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Most of these statistics were recorded on 31/1/15