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Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

What is a Company Voluntary Arrangement? How can this help a company in financial difficulties?

    • A Company Voluntary Arrangement is often referred to as a CVA
    • Trading usually continues for the company
    • A repayment plan is agreed with creditors based on what the debtor company can afford
    • The CVA will typically be over a three to five year period
    • Dividends repaid to creditors can vary from 25p to 100p in the £
    • The CVA is a legally binding agreement between the company and the creditors
    • The aim of the CVA is to allow the business to survive as a going concern, or to achieve better realisation of the company’s assets.

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Here is what a couple of our clients have to say about our expertise:

”I found all the staff at G & K to be helpful, sympathetic and supportive through a difficult time and I would not hesitate to recommend them as a user-friendly service.”
LS – 27 Feb 2012

”Griffin & King helped us understand what we needed to do to sort out our money problems. By taking out the IVA we were able to get our money situation back under control. Without the help of Griffin & King we would never of understood or been able to sort out our money problems.”
K and SD – 1 Dec 2011