Insolvency? – Top Ten Warning Signs Checklist!!

By Tim Corfield.


If you have a client running a business how do you quickly know if the business is insolvent or may be close to being insolvent? Here’s a checklist of questions for the directors to assess the position.

– Have the bankers bounced a cheque or direct debit?
– Is the bank account constantly operating at the ceiling of the overdraft?
– Are trade suppliers overdue?
– Have there been solicitors’ warning letters?
– Has there been a court summons or court judgement?
– Is PAYE up to date?
– Is VAT up to date?
– Is there current management information showing the financial position of the business?
– Is there an overdrawn director’s loan account?
– Has there been a visit from a bailiff?

If one or several of the above warning signs apply there is a real risk that the company is insolvent. It may be a temporary blip but the directors should take immediate advice.


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