“Griffin & King have saved my sanity and my life.

10 years ago I was a victim to a fraudster who stole a lot of money from me, unfortunately I still has to pay all the money back.

As a single mum in a part time university course I did my best to make payments until I no longer could keep up with the payments.

I approached Griffin & King who have calmed me down and have explained the options available to me. As a home owner I didn’t want to become bankrupt and lose my home and therefore the best decision for me was to take out an IVA.

The past 6 years I have been supported by my account manager Maggie Niland. Maggie has got years of experience and has got the empathy and sensitivity to deal with these kind of cases.

Griffin & King understand that during life you will have your ups and downs and always stand by you and help you with the payments. In my case, I was getting married and needed a holiday from the payments for a couple of months.

Maggie – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and understanding, I can’t bare to think where I would have been without Griffin & King or you today”.