When taking the plunge to build your own business it is a scary time you put all your life and soul into trying to make it successful as you work ungodly hours It is it’s own entity within your family, so when it comes to a point where the business is not succeeding through no fault of your own, it’s really hard to admit this , the stress and anxiety of not only knowing that you may not have an income moving forward, not only feeling like you failed, but also the stress of debt mounting up. I was in extremely low place after the realisation that the business was not going to pull through after Covid and the cost of living crisis . All I was trying to do was support my family, going to see Griffin and King really helped such a caring approach and sound advice. Not only this for reassurance that I wasn’t alone facing this situation. I honestly don’t know where I would be now if I didn’t have that support when losing my business. Running the business members of staff are like family and it really becomes part of your life. Griffin and King truly care about what they do and helped me through this whole process. Step by step we’re always at hand when I needed them. I couldn’t thank them enough I would recommend them to everyone.