When approaching the conclusion of a business’s lifecycle, the experience can be incredibly stressful for the entire family. The uncertainty of where to turn and what steps to take, coupled with incessant phone calls, adds to the strain. Despite earnest efforts to ensure the success of the business, unforeseen challenges often lead to struggles. From the initial contact with Griffin and King, the support provided has been nothing short of exceptional. The team at Griffin and King has been a constant source of comfort, understanding the gravity of the situation. During this trying period, a reassuring and empathetic presence, like a christening key, was always accessible whenever I needed someone to talk to. Expressing my gratitude is not enough for the remarkable assistance they have offered. The impact of losing the businesses hit me profoundly, plunging me into a state of depression. However, Griffin and King exhibited remarkable patience and guided me through the entire process. Their unwavering support has been invaluable, and I cannot thank them enough.