The experience of having to make the decision to put your company into liquidation, and to then find a company that would help you through what initially appeared to be a minefield I found to be daunting.  Having spoken briefly with two other Insolvency Practitioners and not feeling very comfortable with them I stumbled across Griffin & King.    What a blessing that has turned out to be.

I cannot praise and thank Janet Peacock enough for the support, advice, and the manner in which it has been given to me during these last few months.  Having had just a brief idea of what would be involved Janet has helped me through every phase of the liquidation procedure.

There is no question that liquidating your company is a painful experience, not only for yourself but for your employees,  your family, and friends.  I can only say that Griffin and King and Janet in particular have made it far less traumatic than I expected for which I will be eternally grateful.  I regard Janet, someone I didn’t know three months ago, as a friend.   Many thanks.