“I contacted Janet Peacock during 2017 having been referred to her by a colleague who had used her services. I was having concerns with an international trading business I was running. After an excellent first year selling products across the globe, I decided on a stepped expansion plan in year 2 where a considerable amount of my own money was invested. Unfortunately sales did not go according to plan despite every effort to maximise every sales and marketing channel possible over many months. It was a very worrying time financially especially with a young family feeling that I had put everything on the line. It caused many sleepless nights. Janet advised me that the best option was  a formal liquidation of the company. She handled all matters in a very efficient manner enabling me to focus my energies on securing a new role and returning financial security to my family, I also managed to recoup some of my own financial investment that had been made in the business. It certainly put my mind at ease. I would recommend Janet to anyone facing a similar dilemma. She has a lot if experience and a ‘no nonsense’ approach and takes the burden away at a time when it is much needed”.