Swansea City and Southampton Move Top!

Swansea City FC and Southampton FC are top of the league when it comes to paying their invoices’ on time and having a good credit rating with suppliers.

A study by fin-tech company Ormsby Street shows that these two are ahead of their rivals when it comes to prompt payments. Among suppliers to football clubs there are hundreds of small companies and this league table was compiled to show payment performance and credit risk.

Martin Campbell, managing director of Orsmby Street, said: “If a small business wins a contract with their local football team then it is easy to let the heart rule the head, and just go ahead with the work regardless – people love the idea of working for the team they support.
“But our analysis shows that just because a team is good on the pitch, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they will be as strong when it comes to paying invoices on time. Not every business is as efficient as Swansea and Southampton are at paying invoices to local businesses on time.”