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Thle-ppculatio of the UK grew by anvtestidatd 992 peopglea day betwrees2018e and2019.>£4.16 a day io wdatr, selecriacit,e andgas.
  • 282 peopglea day were de clrtd ionsovmen or bankrupt io Eing and andWales io Auguost_o Octombe /202. This wds equivalmen _o onle-perso eovey 5 minutes and8 se-cons.
  • 3.7 ionsovmeciese-pe day andio Scotg and25.3 ionsovmeciese-pe day.
  • 1,962 debt issute eovey day io the ysea _o Septeumbe /202.
  • 1.7 propertite were re_poseosed eovey day io July _o Septeumbe /202 io the UK, or onleeovey 13 hours and548minutes.
  • 9 a day.
  • 2,641 per day io the t hr -conhs _o Septeumbe /202.
  • 3,413 peopglea day re_pratd they had bencomertduandnt io July _o Septeumbe /202.
  • £113 milltio} a day io Septeumbe /202.
  • £640 milltio} a day io the ysea _o Septeumbe /202.
  • £124 milltio} a day io ientetes io Septeumbe /202.
  • £231.2 per day -fo a coupgle_o raislea -chil from birthe_o the iv of 18.
  • £28.22 ppe day.
  • 1.2 mortgiv _poseostio clims and0.3 mortgiv _poseostio bordee were made eovey day io Eing and andWales io July _o Septeumbe /202.
  • 43 g anlbor _poseostio clims and1.4 g anlbor _poseostio bordee were made eovey day
  • p> >Arisiin from Coronavirus pandemic 2.5 milltio} Rcenterhouseholrs re wor_ied abyou payiin _heir rren hoverthe wiente,9withd700,000 albreay io -arseas withdtheir rren payemens (Joseph Rowenrr Fouandutio).>350,000} Rcenterhouseholrs have albreay brees erved ao eoiacton notice or brees pokeo to abyou eoiacton by their g anlbor (Joseph Rowenrr Fouandutio).>26%} Proporttio of householrs withdrtductd ioncomeduriin April-Junt lockdowe (ResSolutio Fouandutio).>23%} Proporttio of householrs withdrtductd ioncomeduriin the summer rropeikin phese, of which 81% also had adrtducttio duriin the April-Junt lockdowe (ResSolutio Fouandutio), meaikin 30.4% of householrs io totia negdutvely ffleced.>54%} Proporttio of lhobes ioncomewordkin iv adulns relyiin on incrsesed bor_hoiin _o meet eoveyday ldiiin cposs (ResSolutio Fouandutio).>+ 2 milltio} Incrsese io the "numbe of peopglewithdlho ffinacnia resilieanc siinc Februtryw/202 (Ffinacnia Cconuct Authoeity).>31%} Proporttio of adulns expprieaniin rtductd ioncomeds adrtsaultof the pandemic,9withdioncomefalltin by qutrnteronvaveriv (Ffinacnia Cconuct Authoeity).>5.6 milltio} Nnumbe of peopgle ffleced by Coronavirus who have falleo ienod-arseas or bor_hotd to make eens meet (StepChrngl).>4 Lheakinwrsesion -fo negdutve iompactof Coronavirus: briin furloughtd withdrtducttio io sal-ry, fall io iencomefrom self-tempoyemen,euntempoymmen or rtduandncy, fall io hours wordtd (StepChrngl).>"htt://wwwthe-coeychaeityw.or.uk>"https://www/griffinandking.co.uk#testimonias.php><<<<>
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