G & K are Pleased to Announce the Appointment of Roland as Head of Security & Defence

Roland, AKA “Roly” or “Radiator Dog” took up his position in January and has already made a big impression on the office policy of unattended biscuits and sandwiches. As you can see from the picture, he’s also in charge of toilet rolls.

Roly is a wire haired Hungarian Vizsla who moved to the Midlands in December in readiness to take up the position. He’s presently serving a probationary period.

On a more serious note, some of your clients will be having it tough out there at the moment. I’m sure none of us have ever seen anything like this. Many companies and industries are completely changing their business models which can have a serious impact on any business caught up in it.

Directors are faced with difficult decisions about their businesses. Is the model still viable? What will the market be like in 6 months’ time? Should the company borrow more money to keep it ticking over?

Sometimes it helps to discuss these matters with an independent professional. We’re pleased to work with accountants to help directors evaluate their business position and how to move forward in the best way possible.