October 2013 eBulletin


A Marathon challenge.

Tim and James Corfield along with James’ girlfriend, Emily, take on the Chicago Marathon, next Sunday. A daunting task to say the least, especially after the preparation and hard work over many months.

There’s a direct comparison which can easily be drawn from this sporting achievement to the financial planning necessary to navigate a business successfully – failure to prepare is preparing to fail!

Each day business owners are making decisions about the future of their business – how they intend to grow and move forward, targeting aims and objectives as goals and strategies for their business and using these to focus their activities and being able to reap the benefits.

A marathon effort in itself. Not dissimilar to a marathon training programme and the ultimate aim of completing the run on race day.

Running 26.2 miles is a gruelling and challenging way to reach your goal. That’s longer than the average commute in the West Midlands, which stands at 19 miles!

But it’s the level of commitment and dedication prior to the race which will see Tim, James and Emily over the line. The same can be said about a business.

Tim said ‘A marathon is quite a challenge – like the challenge of running a business. It’s mostly about understanding what you want to achieve and then how you apply that to the challenge – whether that be to running a marathon or a business.’

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