November Welcome 2011

The bonfire celebrations are over, with loads of Pop, Bang, Whoo, Boom and Crackle, which were colourful, loud, fun and similar to spectacular diamonds in the sky, giving short moments of happiness and fun.

The next date for most people in the calendar is Christmas, and this is the time that people start their Christmas shopping.

Here are our tips:

•    Make a budget

•    Make a list

•    Think outside the box, presents do not have to be expensive

•    Stick to the budget

•    Stick to the list

Make sure your clients’ family budgets are on track for the New Year, which will avoid overspending over the seasonal period.

If your clients visit there is an online calculator to assist if required.

Our own expert team have been busy helping clients rescue their businesses in this difficult climate and feedback, as always, is extremely positive:

”A weight lifted off my shoulders. Fantastic service. Really pleased with Maggie.”  MW 24 October 2011

”Absolutely excellent service, very helpful and responsive, made the whole process easy and understandable. Mike Hall extremely professional.”
AK 13 October 2011

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