November 2013 Welcome


As you might know by now, Tim, James and Emily (James’ girlfriend) completed the Chicago Marathon last month – well done to them all and a very big thanks to all of you that have donated to a fantastic cause. Nearly £3,000 has been raised so far.

Tim’s already in training for the Edinburgh Marathon next May and James and Tim are planning to do the New York Marathon next November. Emily’s retired from marathon running at the age of 20!

Our last ebulletin described how comparable the planning, training and discipline for a marathon is to running a successful business. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail!

But let’s not get too carried away with the similarities. It’s easy to run a marathon when you’re going in the same direction as another 45,000 people – you’re unlikely to get lost!

When you’re running a business it’s not so easy. Yes, you can see what your competitors do, but are they right?….and what’s going to make your business stand out?….and what actually generates positive cashflow?

To answer these questions you need to constantly revisit and reassess the business plan and targets. Make sure your professional advisers are on the same wavelength as you. As an entrepreneur, be prepared to listen to your instincts.

Tim says ‘ When you are running in the same direction as 45,000 others it is easy to stay focussed. I see all too often people in business can become side-tracked down blind alleys – and they do not know they are off course until they have spent a lot of time and money. At that point it can be too late’.

If you have any clients or contacts that have financial difficulties with their business please ask them to get in touch with Tim Corfield or Richard Owen for a free, confidential chat – we will be able to help!