January Welcome 2012

A  New Year – 2012. Take time to look forward. Have a positive attitude. Be energised for the year ahead. We can achieve what we believe we can achieve. We need to be focused and ensure our goals are set for 2012.

7 Tips for the Year Ahead

    1. Cash is king – Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is reality. Most importantly manage your cash position regularly – preferably daily.
    2. Know your customer – This is more important than ever, do not talk the talk, walk the walk really know who your customer is, carry out regular credit checks, set credit limits and terms of trading and stick to them.
    3. Keep close to your bank – Keep your bank fully informed of what’s going on in your business, give notice of any difficulties looming, and keep them on your side.
    4. Control costs – Continue to review costs of the business.
    5. Have a plan for 2012 – If your strategy is a good one, why change what works.
    6. Your Team – Keep you team fully informed, on the strategy of the business so the whole team is working as one.
    7. Advice for the Business – Whatever advice you seek in 2012, ensure it is from a professional, be it an Accountant, Solicitor, Banks or Insolvency Practitioner, and let’s ensure we all have a brilliant 2012.