IVA Debts, what can and can’t be included.

IVA Debts, what can and can’t be included

We all know what an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or IVA is. It’s an alternative to bankruptcy, which in certain circumstances does work better for the debtor. Below is a reminder of what debts can and can’t be included in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

IVA – Debts that can be included:

• Credit cards
• Unsecured loans
• Overdrafts (unsecured)
• Hire purchase on vehicles or equipment no longer needed
• HMRC – VAT, PAYE, personal tax or national insurance
• Money owed to friends or family
• Store cards
• Excess debt on repossessed properties

IVA – Debts that can’t be included:

• Student loans
• Other educational loans
• Criminal court fines
• Traffic offence fines or parking tickets
• Borrowings secured on property
• Child support debts
• Hire purchase debts on vehicles or equipment needed
• Arrears on rental property which is occupied

Of course, if in any doubt call us.

We know that an Individual Voluntary Arrangement is often a last resort for your client. We pride ourselves on explaining, in layman’s terms, the pros and cons and how it fits into the debtor’s circumstances. If we don’t think an IVA is right, we’ll say!


IVA Debts – Griffin and King’s videos help explain debt solutions

We have created several videos on Individual Voluntary Arrangements which may help explain things further, such as “What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)?” “Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) FAQs” (in 2 parts), and “Personal Insolvency – How We Can Help You”. Please take a look at our You Tube Channel and have a browse through all the videos we have available.


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