February 2015 eBulletin

By Tim Corfield


They’re coming thick and fast at the moment!

I was 60 on St Valentine’s Day! – although I prefer to look at it as having 40 years of experience being 20!

I’ve also been at Griffin & King for 30 years later this year. Where’s that gone?  What advice would I give to a 20 year old thinking about a future in business? – Other than not to do it! Here are a few of my thoughts;

    • Treat others as you would expect to be treated
    • Be prepared to compromise
    • Remember, you don’t get a second chance at life
    • See the world
    • Play hard and work hard
    • Don’t regret anything – but learn from your mistakes
    • If you don’t like something – do something about it
    • Count your blessings every day
    • Make time for the family
    • Don’t be afraid to take advice
    • Find time to laugh
    • Have the courage of your convictions
    • Look after those that look after you
    • Don’t bear grudges – life’s too short
    • Think positive and you’ll get positive results
    • Appreciate what you have learned
    • Make time to relax and recoup
    • Be kind to yourself

But, most of all
Don’t let the MAN grind you down!