February 2014 Welcome


I had a call recently from Stan who told me he was director of a security company and clearly distressed about things. Stan explained he’d had a very serious head injury when he fell off a horse a few months before. PAYE and VAT hadn’t been paid and Stan wasn’t able to cope with running the company any more. Stan’s injuries had stopped him from driving so we agreed I’d visit Stan at his home in Telford to discuss things.

After I’d taken Stan’s address he added “You’re ok with dogs aren’t you?”
Without thinking I said “that’s fine”. Stan went on to tell me a bit more about his “friendly pups” – alarm bells should have sounded when he mentioned their names were Zeus and Tyson!

Zeus was a ten month old German shepherd and Tyson a two year old Doberman. After a demonstration from Stan, in his protective clothing, as to how they would deal with a burglar we sat down on the sofa to discuss Stan’s situation…that is me, Zeus and Tyson on one sofa and Stan on the other! “They like you” said Stan as they nipped my arms as I was trying to take notes and slowly used their weight to push me further and further towards the edge of the sofa…”that’s a relief I thought!”.

Not surprisingly, it was one of the shortest meetings I’ve had! We agreed the best course of action was that the company enter creditor’s voluntary liquidation. I made arrangements for the contracts to be transferred to another local security company maximising the value of these for creditors. Trade ceased and Stan is now getting his life back together. Stan wanted the creditors meeting at his home but I didn’t think this was a good idea!

If you have any clients or contacts, preferably without dogs (only joking), that have financial difficulties with their business please ask them to get in touch with Tim Corfield or Richard Owen for a free, confidential chat – we will be able to help!