Charity Football In India, Sponsored by Griffin and King!

To celebrate his final year at Stirling University Matt Corfield has brought together a team of volunteers from his fellow students to travel to Bangalore in May to coach football to children at the Parikrma Foundation.

The Parikrma Humanity Foundation is an entirely charitable organisation which offers high quality education, hope and support to thousands of children from orphanages and slums in the city.

Matt explained “We will be coaching football every day for three weeks to 40 young people. Thanks to our sponsors and generous donations received in the UK, we’ll be able to fund the costs of the pitch, running the camp, providing equipment, a brand new training kit for them all to wear and keep and we’ll also provide breakfast and lunch.”

Matt knows Bangalore well. He worked for 3 months in 2012, as a volunteer, teaching sport at a local school and has many contacts in the city.

The end of the coaching will be marked by a football “final” to be held at the local football stadium in the city between the children. Matt says “The young people are so excited about this – and it’s a great opportunity for the families and locals to see how well the children have done.”

Griffin & King have been delighted to fund the training kits. Tim Corfield commented “It’s a great cause. I hope Matt can do it again in the future. We take so many things for granted in the UK.”


To find out more about this fantastic charity visit the Parikrma Humanity Foundation website.